Jun 9

Support ModDog with your Computer


Edited: Jun 9

If you like ModDog but you have no Money for a Donation. You cann support us with your computer.


How it works?



Download / extract: https://github.com/nicehash/NiceHashMinerLegacy/releases/download/



Create a Account here https://www.nicehash.com/register



Start "NiceHashMinerLegacy.exe" and Login with your created account.



*1 Enter a Username (we take this for Donation List)

*2 Change Bitcoin Adress to 33CBvRuKtEta9vXoUuCDA1WQursGm93a58

*3 Press START Button (Make Benchmarks if it asking)


Your Computer will be louder then normal (more Fan Speed) thats normal. If you run the Miner for minimum 12 hours we will add you to the Donation List.

(Do not run the Miner during Gaming....Game will not run smooth)


Note: Some Antivirus detect this Software as Virus. (its NO VIRUS)

New Posts
  • The Settings will only be visible If you have more then one WoT Path in the ModDog Settings. Sync will copy all files from the actuall selected wot path (2*) to the other wot paths. you can use different Sync Settings (1*): - with every ModDog start (can slowdown startup of moddog) - only after Mod Updates (recommend) - User install new Mod(s) (recommend) - Show Sync Button/manual (3*) if you use this button, it copy the files from the selected wot path (2*) to all other wot directory. Note: - If you delete a Mod inside of ModDog it will only delete this mod from the actually selected WoT!! (2*) Not from other Paths.... --> Sync directories is needed to remove it in all directories.
  • Everytime if you install or delete a Mod, the User Config will be saved automatic. If you Reinstall WoT or if you clean the Mods / res_mods Directory so you can simple load your last used Config (User Config) 1. Start ModDog 2. Load a Preset ---> select x) User Config 3. Press install Preset 4. If all worked correctly, your mods are back now.
  • Exe Log [build 020] Fix: Some Admin Options Fix: Wrong selection of Single Cats after click Fix: Problems of restoring missed mods Optimize: SingleCat checkclick