Summer   800×800   Battle Tier limit   1-10

File Tech Name :  10_hills

A flat hilltop in the center of this map provides the obvious central point of contest on this map. Nestled in the canyon northeast of the hill is the small village of Pagorki; offering a tempting route with plenty of cover, but one that is exposed if the enemy controls the hill. West of the hill, surrounded by shallow water, is a small island which offers good cover while providing a large fire zone. While the island is protected from the hill, it is, for the most part, vulnerable to flanking attacks or fire from multiple angles. The island cover is solid, but not particularly large. Watch for the plateau, to the north of the map, which is often offering a good vantage point for TDs and Artillery; Especially being a viewpoint over the battlefield around it.


How to play Mines 

The lighthouse flank is a difficult flank to know whether or not it is worth pursuing early in the match.  It provides the least amount of cover and is hard to push out of if the enemy is camped near their base.  Typically I base my decision on whether I go to the 1-3 lines on how many enemy tank destroyers and SPGs there are.  If there are 2  spgs and several tank destroyers.  You can bet on having a terrible time trying to push the lighthouse flank.  This is mainly due to the J6 and K4 locations that tank destroyers love to sit at.  From here they can easily fire into the 1-2 lines and up to E3 in the 3 line.

Playing Offensive

If the conditions are right and you have a mobile tank then having at least 2 other allies is helpful.  In a light/medium you can sometimes push hard into H1 if the enemy doesn’t contest the lighthouse much.  In a somewhat slower medium, heavy, or armored tank destroyer picking the 3 line is usually safer.  Your main obstacle will be not taking damage from enemy base defenders.  If you can manage that then usually you can out brawl any enemy tanks you find on this flank.

Playing Defensive

Having a bad start on this flank isn’t the end of the world.  If you decide to head here early and find yourself in trouble. Hunker down in D2 or closer to the base.  Your teammates in A4/A5 can help pick off any advancing enemy tanks.  Usually I find it is best to leave the lighthouse flank until mid to late in a match.  Early on it is usually too risky to commit to.

Bringing Armor to the Flank

The only exception is if your team is pushing it aggressively and you can possibly bring a little armor into the mix.  For example in a tier 10 battle your team send 4 mediums into the 1-2 line.  You are in a T110e3, Maus, etc.  Pushing down the 3 line can help your mediums and isn’t a huge risk unless the enemy has a ton of artillery + tank destroyers.

Hill (4-6 Lines)

The hill can be a blessing or a curse for your team.  Located in the center of the map and being elevated it provides a commanding area to hold.  The downside is it usually requires a push at the start of the battle with your fastest tanks to control it.  Winning it can come at a huge cost and losing it is crippling for a team.  Knowing whether or not to try to get onto the hill comes with trial and error.  Personally I only try to go onto the hill if I am in a light or very fast medium tank.  Even then make sure your team will have equal if not greater numbers than your likely opponents.


If you survive and make it onto the hill take cover from being shot from elsewhere until the hill is clear.  After that you can poke and prod to spot enemies and take little shots.  Don’t be afraid to backtrack and go to another flank if you aren’t able to accomplish anything from the hill itself.


In a slower tank you can still influence the hill at the start of the battle.  Going to C4 gives you a clear shot into any enemy tanks trying to enter the hill.  From here decide whether you want to keep advancing south slowly or if you need to play defensive.  If your team loses the initial hill fight it typically is best to play it safe for a few minutes.  Teammates in A4/A5 can help cover you and any enemy pushes will suffer a lot of damage.

Town (7-0 Lines)

The town often is the most neglected flank on Mines even though it often is the most straightforward flank.  How your team plays the town depends on how many tanks you send to it.  If you only have 1-3 tanks then defending is your best play. 4 or more tanks and you usually can play somewhat aggressively. One thing to always keep in mind is that your teammates can support your from A4/A5 if needed.  Sometimes backing up a little to bait enemies in can be beneficial.

Playing Defensive

If you find yourself alone or short on tanks near the town.  Setting up in D6 is your best bet since you are relatively safe.  Lean heavily on your A4/A5 teammates and any friendly SPGs.  Try to spot but not get out of cover from the corner too much.  If you push further around the corner into D7 you will often die before your team can help.

Playing Aggressively

With a decent force in the town you have two options for pushing the town.  You can hug the hill wall in D7/E7 and slowly advance.  This is best for high alpha and high armor tanks.  Option two is to push out to C8 and then into C9.  The jump from C8 to C9 provides shots into E7/E8 and vice versa.  Learning where you can get a cheap hit takes a few tries but is worth it.  Don’t hang around too much outside of the larger buildings or else you’ll start to take a ton of damage.


Playing further out here in the town usually boils down to what the enemy sent here.  The further you push the further you are on your own.  Make sure you are confident you can out play the enemy tanks in front of you.  If you team has control of the hill you can even make it out to this area in a tank as slow as a T95.  Often times bringing a big gun and armor will make mopping up any mediums, etc. a cake walk.